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BKT becomes an Official Partner of Farming Simulator 22, the agricultural simulation videogame that gamers love most.

Farming Simulator 22, the videogame from Giants Software that has brought the world of agriculture onto the screens of the most passionate gamers, is now officially available on the most important gaming platforms.
Also appearing among the protagonists of this new edition is BKT, who will make some of their most famous tyres available to equip the virtual tractors and agricultural machinery present in the game.
In particular, the products available will be: AGRIMAX V-FLECTO, AGRIMAX FORCE, AGRIMAX TERIS, MULTIMAX MP 522, and finally RIDEMAX FL 693 M.
After the launch, on the occasion of EIMA 2021, of the BKT Virtual Experience, the new BKT virtual space with a gaming interface where users can interact and discover the brand’s latest innovations in 3D, the debut on Farming Simulator confirms the brand’s desire to further explore the world of digital. And that’s not all.
The BKT Farming Simulator Challenge will start on 29 November; this is a challenge that will involve the best European talents on Farming Simulator. The participants will have to prepare a field, sow the seeds, harvest the product and sell it all in the shortest time possible, thereby earning themselves the title of Best Virtual Farmer.
The aim of the initiative is to build on the BKT brand and its awareness, also with the new generations, without forgetting the importance of presenting the agricultural world and its value in society. In order to do this, the company is availing itself of the collaboration of some of the best Farming Simulator players. They are Killercroc88 from Italy, Arikson and MrAdamo from Poland, StarkPanzer and Makam from Hungary, En3rgie5 from France, and Cornhub representing the German-speaking DACH area.
It will be possible to follow this exciting challenge on YouTube.

“We are a brand that is undoubtedly ready to play the game”, commented Lucia Salmaso, CEO of BKT Europe, “and what better platform than Farming Simulator to do so? At BKT we feel it’s important to explore every sphere associated with the sectors where we are present (agriculture, OTR, industrial), gaming included. Farming Simulator 22 represents a great opportunity to familiarise the general public with the agricultural world, a sector that’s just waiting to be discovered. It’s for this reason that we consider ourselves great fans of gaming, happy that, starting today, gamers have the possibility of choosing us, also virtually”.

Are you ready to discover a new gaming terrain?

We’re waiting for you on Farming Simulator 22. There’s plenty of work to be done!