While driving a monster truck may be a dream, seeing them in action can easily be a reality. The Monster Jam World Tour includes over 300 events across the globe. In each one, these massive vehicles with their oversize wheels captivate old and young with spectacular stunts and acrobatics.

The drivers showcase all their skill in speed or freestyle challenges. The former involves obstacle courses and the winner is the first across the line with the fewest penalties. In freestyle contests, the drivers perform the most amazing acrobatic stunts for the spectators and judges, jumping as far as 40 metres and as high as 7.

The real stars of these competitions are the monster trucks themselves: more than 3 metres tall, weights in excess of 4 tonnes, heavy duty suspensions, and gigantic tires (up to 1.7 metres in diameter) designed by BKT, official technical sponsor of the Monster Jam.

But the Monster Jam show begins before the engines are started. During the pre-show, fans can visit the track where their idols will compete, meet them, and get an up-close look at the powerful and magnificent trucks.

This unique and thrilling event is one that spectators are unlikely to forget.