BKT brought football to EIMA 2018, the international exhibition of agricultural and gardening machinery at the Bologna fairgrounds.

It was five days of fun and thrills. Not so difficult when you have outstanding special guests, such as Paolo Rossi, the champion who gave Italy its World Cup victory in 1982, and the king of freestyle football, Iya Traoré, official star of the principal BKT events, who wowed everyone with his seemingly impossible stunts.

BKT banded together with Univergomma and passed out thousands of free footballs to the die-hard fans, while Paolo “Pablito” Rossi posed with them for photos. BKT invited him to be guest of honour for a very clear reason: his love for both the football field and its agricultural counterpart, his drive and determination, are the same ingredients that characterize the BKT spirit.

When we speak of Paolo Rossi, we are talking about a champion in or on various fields, another one being solidarity: he was at the benefit evening organized by BKT at Palazzo Gnudi in Bologna to autograph his T-shirts, which were then auctioned off. The proceeds were given to the volunteer association Parada Italia, which provides support to children forced to live in conditions of hardship and want on the street in Bucharest.

If you missed the
interview with Paolo Rossi at EIMA 2018
or Traoré’s spectacular performance, you will find videos on the office BKT Tires Facebook page.