BKT has always been attentive to territoriality, agricultural and mechanical work, the path to be followed, the idea of growing together in a project of community work, respecting individuality: just as its payoff says, Growing together.

It is from this awareness that the exciting title sponsorship trip for Serie BKT began; a path to be tackled with the mission of being Ready on every field, along the sports and professional lines of all Italy.

Serie BKT is the second most important football championship in Italy.

Made up of 20 teams, it evolves in a round robin of 38 days, at the end of which playoffs and playouts are played.

Unlike Serie A, which has tended over time to identify itself more and more as a real Premier League (innovative stadiums, large budget teams, very strong media value), Serie BKT has taken on the national identity and, year after year, has turned into the real championship of the Italians.

It is a competition that still lives on simplicity and authenticity, played in stadiums often inserted in the urban fabric, supported by a solid, hard-working and genuine Italy.

In a difficult moment like the one we have experienced, BKT remained true to its identity, striving to be ready once again.

When the CoViD-19 emergency stopped the championship, turning off the spotlights on the competition, a working group was created almost immediately, made up of Lega Serie B, BKT, Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport and the other sponsors of the championship.

In this particular moment, the session, streamed on various online platforms, began with simple questions. How can we keep up our hopes and passion? How can we keep our love for football alive?

Let’s play at home. An idea, an answer. If we cannot do it at the stadium, we can continue to do it at home, where we are safe, together with the family. Where we can take a break from the difficult circumstances that we are learning from the media.

Let’s play at home with Serie BKT, all together, all present.

Let’s play at home, before becoming a structured activity, was a gift.

In fact, the two most enduring and loyal fans of each team were given Serie BKT Gift Boxes, containing free gifts and presents from all the sponsors of the championship.

A box which reached the fans, returning a sense of being and involvement, transmitting emotion and, perhaps, nostalgia for the stadium.

40 gift boxes, 20 teams, one heart that, despite the lockdown, continued to beat.

Let’s play at home was an activity made of simple, but important, daily gestures; because in certain moments a little shrewdness is needed to rise our spirits in order to go ahead.

Therefore, the idea of having supporters called by the players themselves; an unexpected phone call, lived by the fans as a gift, perhaps as a restitution for all the attention received over the years. The great football family, both on the field and in the stands, who meets over the phone to comfort each other. It’s home. Indeed, it’s Let’s play at home.

Let’s play at home was also listening. Because it was immediately clear that the most enduring and loyal fans wanted and needed to speak, communicate, sometimes let off steam.

And it was this awareness that gave the inspiration for a special editorial content, a trip through cities, supporters, stands, stories and memories: ten interviews to be read, shared on social networks, saved on your computer.

Ready on every field. And on every media. The activities of Let’s play at home were in fact transmitted on the various available channels. From the official social profiles to the BKT sponsorship site, from the portals of the companies involved to the pages of national newspapers, both online and offline.

In football, statistics often make up the result. In the case of Let’s play at home, we talk about the reach of social networks, the users involved, published material: a great communicative result that underlined the commitment of Serie BKT, the success of an initiative but, above all, the passion for football:

250,000+ reach on social networks
40 gift boxes delivered (2 x team)
10 interviews
20 cities involved
20+ articles in the national press
15 players involved in the initiative
2 months of activity
1 single passion

That reached and followed by Let’s play at home, is an Italy that is waiting for the stadium, that is resisting at home, that is asking questions, that is carefully following national events but, besides all this, is waiting for the start whistle.

The interviews have highlighted Serie BKT values: team harmony, corporate sobriety, social importance of football as a phenomenon of aggregation and, above all, the importance of the championship as an engine of passion and sport.

The Italy of Let’s play at home is a nation that is resisting, that never stops dreaming, that is seeking normality as a basis on which to build “Serie A” dreams.

But above all it is an Italy ready on every field, as testified by the payoff of the title sponsor BKT.

For us at BKT, this means teaming up, staying true to our values and, above all, being Ready on every field.


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