If you are a football fan, you probably know that when BKT talks about fields, we don’t just mean farmland, but also the football pitch. The Italian Serie B has a new Title Sponsor and has changed its name to Serie BKT. Our brand will be associated with the Serie B championship for the next three seasons and will be highly visible during all the B-League matches: on the field, in the stands, and in all television broadcasts. We’re just waiting for the starting whistle! In the meantime, let us discover what this major new partnership entails.   “Serie BKT” – Tires with a passion for football We will take to the field from 2019 to 2021 alongside 22 clubs and their fans for the 42 matches and playoffs in the upcoming Italian championship season. This is where we want to be.

  • Football in Italy. This partnership gives us traction in Italy, the homeland of football, where people live and breathe this sport every day, with passion. Furthermore, Italy is our European headquarters and so we have chosen to wholeheartedly support the exciting world of Italian football, which brings us so much closer to our final users, who are fans first and foremost.
  • Growing together: support for young talents. We are concentrating our efforts on training young talents in a program focusing on rookies, training centers, and the stadiums of the various teams. Development and unity are the pillars of the Serie BKT, as reflected in our slogan “Growing Together”. They allow us to achieve a great objective: sharing the passion of players and fans in a direct relation with the clubs and their fans.
  • Our philosophy? Passion and Drive. And this is also what football is all about. Drive, passion, the will to win, competitiveness. Teamwork makes all the difference for BKT as well, because no one wins a championship alone. We always score thanks to one of the world’s most advanced Research & Development departments, to the faith we share with our “players”, and to the determination to achieve the most outstanding results in and on every field, both agricultural and the playing field.