Last Christmas, BKT Christmas Week gave the gift of thousands of smiles. Launched in Italy, France, and Australia, the international programme featured a host of initiatives all over the world. A gift to life—after all, this is what grows in every field.


In Italy, BKT initiated a fundraising drive called “A Natale fai vincere anche i più deboli” [At Christmas, bring victory even to the weakest] in support of the #LiberiTutti [free children (from fear and want)] campaign by the non-profit organization CESVI, which provides aid to countries experiencing humanitarian crises. CESVI uses the money it collects, with matching funds from BKT, to continue its support for projects to benefit children, preventing mistreatment, violence and abandonment. But that’s not all that happened during this special week. BKT took twenty children from the Il Sale della Terra group home to the stadium, where they were able to see their first live game, Benevento vs. Crotone.


In France, BKT supported the “Ensemble, solidaire sur tous les terrains” (“Together, as one, in all fields”) fundraising drive. The proceeds allowed the association Les Restaurants du Coeur to provide meals to disadvantaged families and the homeless. BKT solidarity has also made a difference in Australia. For over five years now, Australian farmers have been grappling with scarce rainfall and drought. Aussi Helpers, an association based New South Wales, has offered its help, and BKT joined the cause together with its distributors, providing donations and conducting a fundraising drive. Furthermore, the farmers were treated to a day of live cricket with the KFC Big Bash League, one of the Aussie’s best loved sports.


The leader in off-highway tires has also launched and continues to promote other charitable initiatives in various fields across the world. For example, in India, the BKT Foundation donated an intensive surgical therapy unit to the Aurangabad hospital. In South Africa, it took part in the XTractor initiative together with the non-profit health organization AMREF, involving new agricultural projects in the local area. The BKT Foundation has a simple but never trite motto: “We Care”. Lucia Salmaso, Managing Director of BKT Europe explained what this means:

“We at BKT are fully aware of the hardships faced by many people around the world and we want to play an active role in helping to improve the living conditions for everyone. This is how we must think about the future, for us and for the coming generations.”

Life springs forth from the ground. BKT is committed to taking care of it every day.